Frequently asked questions about Boudoir photography -  Goddess Photography in Bournemouth

Will I have to get naked?

Absolutely not!  But that doesn't mean you can't!  As it's your shoot, you can do whatever you want so that means you can pose in your other half's football shirt or a corset and stockings or even fully nude.  It's about being comfortable and relaxed and above all feeling sexy.  Some of us just don't feel sexy when we're naked and there's nothing wrong with that.

I don't have any modeling experience - does it matter?

Most of the ladies who have a shoot with us don't either.  Rest assured, you'll be in the hands of a competent, female photographer, who will make you feel at ease and ensure that you look gorgeous.  All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself as this will give you thes best pictures.

Do I need to bring any outfits with me?

In a word 'yes'.  We provide you with everything else you need however when it comes to clothes, we think it's best for to bring the things that you feel good in.  If you would like to pose in your underwear, please ensure that it matches because this looks so much better on camera.  Don't forget to bring any accessories that you might want with you, such as jewellery and garters.

Do you offer corset hire?

This can be arranged at a cost of £35 a session however it does need to be pre-booked as we need to find out what size you are and what style of corset you would like to wear.  If you are interested, please let us know at the time of booking and we will be able to tell you if we have any available.  If you love it, you may even be able to purchase it afterwards!

Do I have to be over 18?

Due to the nature of the shoot, we do not think it is appropriate to photograph anyone who is under 18 (even if accompanied by a parent/guardian).  Please remember to bring a form of photo ID with you, such as a passport or driver's licence, so that we can verify your age.

Is airbrushing/retouching included in the price?

Yes it is.  We don't feel that you should have to pay extra for something that should be included.  Even beautiful models need a little help sometimes but we do not do any heavy retouching.  We like to keep the images looking natural so you don't have to worry about the photographs not looking like you.  Please note that tattoo removal or significant body reshaping is not included.  If this is something you would like, then please ask about it at the booking stage.

Can I bring a friend or partner with me?

Yes you can although they should be someone that you won't feel embarrassed in front of.